The Story

With a music career that spans a lifetime, Gregg De Lorto combines his passion for music and guitars with new songs that celebrate his reason to write, play and sing. This is the love story everyone dreams about, imagines, and longs for.

California native Gregg De Lorto, the great grandson of two Italian-born musicians and old world violin makers, began playing the guitar when he was nine. Supported by family and taught by friends, he was first influenced by surf music, The Ventures, The Beatles, and other artists and styles of the sixties.

He showcased his talent performing at schools and local venues, all the while increasing his musical range and evolving as a promising musician. By 14, he was playing professionally, and then joined the popular ABC Paramount recording group The Spats. His focus unexpectedly turned to jazz when he first heard Wes Montgomery’s “Bump’n On Sunset.” 

In 1969, Gregg began attending church, where he met the woman who would eventually inspire the music he writes and sings today. Sharon and Gregg became friends although they had separate paths to follow, they never forgot each other. Sharon recognized even then that Gregg was a phenomenal musician and she became a fan.

As Gregg followed his passion, he studied and learned the styles of the guitar greats including B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Kenney Burrell, Wes Montgomery and Charlie Christian, and became a representative for Gibson Guitar Company. During this time he married and raised his family.

Sharon moved north to pursue her education, and eventually got married and raised her sons.

As time passed, Gregg faced medical challenges that not only threatened his music, but also his life. Vocal cord surgery weakened his voice, and in 2007, he faced a perilous surgery to remove a rare brain tumor. Before surgery he had the main theme for a song that he titled, “Ode to Charlie Christian.”  That song would prove paramount in his recovery as he composed the rest of the song as he was healing, one baby step at a time. A year after the surgery he carried his Heritage Golden Eagle and performed the completed “Ode to Charlie Christian” for his world- class neurosurgeon and staff. But Gregg faced one more big challenge when he lost his wife of 35 years to cancer.  

Unaware of the hardships Gregg had experienced, Sharon saw his website and sent him an email one year after his surgery with no reply. She was surprised when he answered her 10 months later. Through email they rediscovered a friendship that started nearly four decades earlier. 

Gregg and Sharon finally made the decision to meet face-to-face in 2010 while Gregg was traveling for Heritage Guitars. When they finally met, Sharon remembering the early years, asked him to play an original composition he had written in the seventies. According to Gregg, “this uncorked the bottle.” Soon after, he began to hear love songs as if they had already been written.  The first song, “The Rose of Sharon, My Jewell and Always Will Be” was his gift to the woman that has given him a second chance at love, and a second chance at a new life. No doubt, he is writing the music, arrangements and lyrics that are destined to be counted among the classic love songs of all time.  

One year to the day after Gregg responded to Sharon’s auspicious email the couple celebrated their wedding and danced their first dance to “Can You Imagine a Love Like This,” a song Gregg and a friend had written in the 70s and Gregg revised just weeks before. Performed on a variety of guitars, this music provides the perfect landscape to tell the story of their timeless love. 

As you might have guessed, Sharon is Gregg’s one number fan.



The Music

Gregg uses multiple guitars on each song, very much the way painter uses brushes – each for its own unique qualities – as he incorporates the lines, styles and techniques of the greatest guitarists of all time. His unique brand of music celebrates the love, romance, commitment and dedication inspired by the love of his life. 

The Story Continues

Watch for more of Gregg's love-inspired music coming soon.
  1. Afraid to Fall in Love Ringtone Coming Soon
  2. Awakened by Our Love Ringtone Coming Soon
  3. I Vow Ringtone Coming Soon
  4. Meant to Be Ringtone Coming Soon
  5. Shred It Ringtone Coming Soon
  6. Tell Me Tell Me True Ringtone Coming Soon

The Guitars

Inspired by his new love, Gregg tells the story through a brand of music all his own.

With decades of experience he has a master’s understanding of his instrument, and passionately conveys his message through artfully composed lyrics and music. The guitars are the showcase of his music and are critical to every song. His exceptional gift for the guitar allows him to play all the guitar parts and each song’s signature solo with a guitar carefully chosen for its unique sound. His arrangements are technical, complex, compelling and pleasing to the heart and ear.


Golden Eagles:

Thin Florentine
A thin 17” very sixties thin Florentine cutaway:  AAA tap tuned carved spruce top, figured curly maple carved back, multi-bound throughout in antique natural finish.  It is the solo guitar on “Déjà Vu I’m With You” and instrumental version of “The Rose of Sharon, My Jewell and Always Will Be” and delivers the predominate fills on all other songs.

Split Block
The split block antique natural with ebony appointments is a very elegant Golden Eagle with fine aged acoustic qualities and a balanced mellow tone electrically with all the standard and custom components of the Heritage flagship.  Split block inlays and bound ebony pickguard with a Benny S-6 floating pickup and controls set this guitar apart.  This split block is Gregg’s main guitar and is used on all the songs as the pace setting, driving rhythm and smooth chord melody guitar.

Super Eagle:

Nothing sounds like, plays like or feels like an 18” big body jazz guitar. Rich warm tonal definition and fast response make this a very rewarding instrument to play.  This solid carved tap tuned spruce top and solid carved back Super Eagle has a translucent black ebony finish with gold plated parts, Heritage H.R.W. pickups and ebony appointments.  A very striking and seasoned appearance complements this fine guitar’s beautiful voice and tonality, which is why it is both the solo and rhythm guitar on “The Rose of Sharon, My Jewell and Always Will Be” along with splashes of Wes on “Can You Imagine a Love Like This.”

 Spanish Nylon Strings:

Córdoba Gypsy King

Spanish made thin cutaway electric acoustic: European solid spruce top, solid Indian rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck with ebony insert and fingerboard, 650mm scale. This older GK is the premiere lead nylon guitar on “Serenade Me in the Moonlight,” “Can You Imagine a Love Like This,” and “The Rose of Sharon, My Jewell and Always Will Be.”

Chet Atkins Classic Electric
Custom shop Kalamazoo made classic electric, solid spruce top, solid chambered mahogany body, mahogany neck with 25 ½” scale, Indian rosewood fingerboard, Piezo bridge transducer pickup with individual string adjustments. A very present guitar – it is used on the Flamenco fills and outro solo on “Serenade Me in the Moonlight,” also the back guitar on “Can You Imagine a Love Like This,” along with supporting lines on “The Rose of Sharon, My Jewell and Always Will Be.”


What's Your Story?

The world’s enduring great love stories should be shared. Through his remarkable heartfelt lyrics, music, arrangements, guitars, and styles, Gregg tells the story of his and Sharon’s incredible love. What’s your story? Celebrate your own unique love by sharing it on this page.

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